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Editor's Note of the Vision Times


Do you believe in theexistence of extraterrestrial life? For a long time, we humans have alwaysregarded ourselves as the only intelligent life in the universe. But today,more and more reported alien (flying saucer) incidents are rocking thereservation of human beings that we are the only intelligent life. Confirmingthe existence of extraterrestrial life and civilization has become oneinevitable question for humans. Suppose the answer is NO, of course. In thatcase, we humans can continue to be the King of Life, being immersed in theglory of the Spirit of All Things, and go on to conquer Venus, Mars, the solarsystem, the Milky Way, and even a larger object; but if the answer is YES, theorigin of human civilization then may have an inextricable relationship with analien civilization, "The Origin of Species" (the theory of evolution)will be completely negated. Humans will have to rethink the origin of life.This may bring human exploration back to creationism. For today's human society,atheism has become the mainstream; this is no longer an impact but asubversion.


This kind of subversivecognition has been accepted by advanced consciousness that dares to face thetruth and is spreading. Some readers confessed that "reading these Lingpaimaterials (lingpai.org) has subverted my cognition.” Why is this happening?What is Lingpai? We all have heard about psychic things: spiritual practice,prophecy, human ascension, and the multidimensional theory of the universe thathas emerged in recent years, and the legendary stories of Western psychics,such as Edgar Casey, Jeane Dixon, Baba Vanga, etc. These psychic things havebrought people a new understanding of the world and the universe. There is onesuch psychic in our Chinese community as well. He is the author of this article- Mr. Zhongzheng Kuwei, and the founder of Soulforce Medicine. We believe thatthe cognitive subversion he brings to you is no less than that of the famousWestern psychics, especially in terms of aliens, the Sun, the Moon, crop circles,and even the truth of the pandemic that has swept across the globe. Thecognitive subversion it brings to you may very well be what you need to awakenfrom this paradigm.


Mr. Kuwei was born in Qidong,Jiangsu, China. His early life was full of difficulties. Despite theadversities, he has never forgotten his original aspirations. He studiedmedicine in college and further researched abroad in Japan. As time went on, hestarted to use his psychic abilities to treat illnesses and save lives. Heestablished Soulforce Medicine and has benefited countless people. He uses thesystemic method to record all cases on video for future verification purposes.After coming to the United States in 2014, Mr. Kuwei contacted this newspaperto our delight. We serialized his Soulforce Medical Show (a.k.a Lingpai)healing cases in our newspaper and helped him publish two volumes of his bookThe Soulforce Medicine. His unique perspective and psychic abilitiesdemonstrated in the books prove to the world that the Law of Cause and Effectis indeed correct and just, and the Way of Heaven is omnipresent.


Generally speaking, psychicabilities decline as the psychics get older. However, it's quite the contraryfor Mr. Kuwei. In troubled times, his lofty aspirations were promised andaided, and the enhanced ability enabled him to read the heavenly scriptures tosee the truth. Mr. Kuwei not only used this superpower in individual cases, buthe also set his heart on service-for-all and benefiting the whole world withSoulforce Medicine. He then turned his practice toward the unknown realm of thehuman collective, and he selflessly disclosed to the world all of the truth heobtained. As you can imagine, to a great extent, his views are not in line withthe current mainstream cognition of human society. Some of the statements areunique and bold, and they were put forth to set things right. For example,nuclear energy is generally regarded as a model of scientific benefit to humanity,but Lingpai reveals that it endangers extraterrestrial life and may annihilate humankind.It risks the whole world to voice this kind of daring take that's going againstthe established status quo. It is conceivable for him to get mocked andridiculed. However, for the sake of world peace, Mr. Kuwei did not hesitate toput aside his fame, gain, or loss, and adamantly spread the truth presented inLingpai, which is truly admirable. Crop circles' spectacular patterns andoccult messages have been enticing to the human mind. There have been variousspeculations, and no conclusions reached for a long time. We ask our readers toread it patiently and see how Mr. Kuwei reveals the secret of crop circles andconnects it to the hazards of nuclear energy. As it is fun to read, it may alsomake you startled and contemplate: Has human society come to a point wherecognitive inertia needs to be fundamentally changed to overcome thiscatastrophe?


There are thousands ofLingpai stories in which mysteries are solved, illnesses healed, and soulsawakened. For more details, please go to the Lingpai website: www.lingpai.org.We picked the breaking news "Move the Himalayas to the Pacific Ocean toBuild ET Base Island" to make this special edition to satisfy our readers.To serve the reader’s interest and understand further, Mr. Kuwei particularlyasked this editor to add his contact information at the end of the article. Helooks forward to your inquiry.

Movethe Himalayas to the Pacific Ocean to Build ET Base Island

Move the Himalayas to thePacific Ocean to Build ET Base Island

Kuwei Zhongzheng


1, The Earth's SeveralReformations Done by Aliens


Our universe has been inexistence for 5.7 billion years, while there is another universe that is 10.8billion years old and is not far away from ours. They are two separateuniverses.


4.7 billion years ago, alienshad already built the center of the universe, which is where the Sun ispositioned now, but there was no Sun at that time, and they had also built theMercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc.


Thereafter, the aliens madeseveral geographic changes to the Earth. In the first reform, the Earth wasdivided into certain parts from pole to pole like segments in orange, then oneof the segments was removed and placed on a huge flying saucer; and then a fewsegments away, a second one was removed and placed onboard the ship, then a fewsegments away, a third one was removed and placed onboard the ship, and so on.Then they took the first segment upside down and placed it into the secondone's gap; then they put the third segment into the first one's gap and thesecond segment into the third one's gap.


Some time passed, the Earth hasreformed once again. This time it's like cutting a watermelon in half and thenturning one part of it 180 degrees and putting the two halves together. In thisway, one side of the Earth formed the Colorado Grand Canyon, and the other sideformed the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon. That's why the length of these twoGrand Canyons is the same but located on the opposite side of the Earth. TheColorado Grand Canyon is high on one side and lows on the other side, and thegeographical environments on both sides are completely different. But if youlook across the globe, the geographical environment on the other side of theCanyon will be the same and a perfect match. This is a piece of clear evidencethat the Earth was cut in half and one half got turned 180 degrees.


When the Colorado GrandCanyon and the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon were formed, Saturn happened to passover the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon very closely. Due to gravity, that part ofthe Earth was sucked up, thus forming the Himalayas and Mount Everest.


2, Aliens Constructed the Sunand the Moon

By 3.7 billion years ago,many planets had already been distributed throughout the Milky Way galaxy, butthere was no common sun, so the Interstellar Alliance decided to make a sun atthe center of the universe. Hydrogen was transported to the center of theuniverse by spaceships. Planet Earth also provided hydrogen. They decomposedwater on the Earth into hydrogen and oxygen and transported the hydrogen to thecenter of the universe in their spaceships, leaving behind the oxygen. That iswhy the oxygen content in the Earth's atmosphere suddenly increased from lessthan 0.5% to 20% about 2.7 billion years ago (see the encyclopedia entry"Great Oxidation Event"). At a later stage of the project, they foundout that they had gathered too much hydrogen in the center of the universe, andit was inconvenient to take the excess amount out. Originally, they planned toignite the hydrogen at the very center. Because of the excess amount, they wereleery of the ignition plan. After a continued study, they decided to change itto surface ignition, but considering that even with the surface ignition theimpact of the explosion would still reach beyond Saturn, so they evacuated allpeople to the Milky Way first and then ignited.


The ignition took place 2.7billion years ago, and that's what the Big Bang was as supposed by certainmodern-day physicists. The Big Bang did happen in the universe, but it's notwhat Stephen Hawking talked about that the universe was formed after the BigBang, instead it's the Sun that was formed after the Big Bang. Thissuper-explosion did not happen by accident but was a deliberate planned andpremeditated act.


After the ignition, thepolymerization reaction was very violent, exploding continuously and would notstop, so the aliens cast a large number of meteorites into the explosives,dividing the space into small segments, and finally got control of theexplosion. This process of the explosion dying down was called the compressionof the Sun. After the Sun was created, people that had evacuated to otherplanets in the Milky Way galaxy moved back to their home planets. This is theentire process of the Sun-making, in which I fully participated in my ancientprevious lifetime.


The aliens had initiallyplanned to build two moons for the Earth after the Sun project was finished toreflect sunlight to the Earth and increase its crop yields. However, theexplosion of the Sun was continued and unexpected, and they had to cast a largenumber of meteorites to the Sun, which was also unplanned. They were tired ofthis, so they only built one moon before they all went back to their homeplanets. Therefore, the Earth only has one moon.


The moon functions as amirror reflecting sunlight, so one side of the moon always faces the Earth. Themoon does not rotate on its own but revolves around the Earth. The moon'srevolution period was set at approximately 28 days. The moon is hollow instructure, so landing on the moon and mining the moon ought to be strictlyprohibited. Landing on the moon will destroy the mirror surface, and mining themoon will not only destroy its mirror surface but may puncture and deflate themoon, rendering it useless. The moon has increased the Earth's crop productionby 20%. Landing on the moon will reduce agricultural yields on the Earth.


In the universe, there wasthe Earth first, then the Sun, and then the Moon. Because the Sun was ignitedon the surface in its making, the Sun's temperature is not as high as expected,especially in the center of the Sun, not that high at all.


3, Aliens Made Oil and Coalfor People on the Earth.


Marine creatures die in theocean at all times, but why hasn't the ocean become a stinking ditch? Why wehaven't seen animal carcasses piling up on the bottom of the ocean either? Toprevent seawater from becoming stagnant due to inactivity, aliens in theirflying saucers make seawater move regularly and form tides in a cycle of about28 days. The moon has nothing to do with the tides of the ocean. The moon cycleis about 28 days and the tide cycle happens to be 28 days also, which is acoincidence. The aliens can easily change the tide cycle to 35 days, while themoon cycle remains unchanged for 28 days.


Alien flying saucers createnot only the tides but also the ocean currents. With the sweep of the oceancurrents, dead bodies of marine organisms were gathered in several places onthe ocean floor, and then the flying saucers press them into the Earth's crustto generate oil for human exploitation. The aliens have also made coal forpeople on the Earth.


4, Aliens Had Evolved intoNone-eating None-drinking Beings and Use Solar Energy Directly


After the Sun came intobeing, some people evolved without eating food or drinking water and were ableto use solar energy directly, so these people put on spacesuits and flew out ofthe Earth in their flying saucers to the Milky Way galaxy to build new planets.Because animals could not be clothed in spacesuits, they did not take themalong. Other people who still needed food for energy would remain on the Earthand continue to grow food. These people were called the Earth people.Relatively, those who did not need food and no longer lived on the Earth werecalled aliens. Because they are non-eating beings and do not need to chew, sothe muscles of their cheeks have degenerated, rendering them a pointed-chinlook. Solar energy is absorbed directly on the top of their heads, and that'swhy they are all bald. It can be seen that the Earth was the first home planetfor many aliens.


Aliens have developed strongtelepathy and can create objects with thought-forms. Over time, they have builtmore and more planets in the galaxy.


5, The Sun and The EarthAffect Each Other


It has come to pass that alarge growing number of planets in the Milky Way are all using the same commonSun. To measure the distance between their planets and the Sun, the alienswould shoot beams of rotating patterned lights to the Sun and have them bouncedback and use this method to calculate the distance. Because Mercury, Venus, andthe Earth are very close to the Sun, these lights of measurements could easilyhit the three planets, Mercury particularly, often damaging their atmosphere.As a result, the Mercury people were the first to move out of the solar systemand into the Milky Way galaxy.


These rotating patterned lightsalso hit the Earth, giving extra energy to the Earth's atmosphere, which hascaused a lot of typhoons and hurricanes in the past. However, these types ofdisturbances have been mainly caused by flying saucers at low altitudes inrecent two years.


The atmosphere of Venus alsooften got damaged by those light beams of measurement. In the era of GenghisKhan on earth, the Venusians also decided to move away to the sixth-starcluster in the Milky Way and decided to give gifts to the Earth people beforeleaving Venus. When they brought over the gifts they saw Genghis Khan fightinga war with a spear in his hand, which terrified the Venusians, so they put thegifts on Easter Island, which is 3,600 kilometers away from the mainland ofChile and 2,000 kilometers away from the Pitcairn Island, far away frompeople's living environment. They hoped that the people of the Earth would findit out hundreds of years later and that by then, the Earth people might haveprogressed and there would be no more wars. What the Venusians did on EasterIsland was that they drew a map of the universe, telling the Earth people thatthe Venusians were going to move to the sixth-star cluster in the galaxy andthat there's water on the seventh-star cluster, and that's where the people onthe Earth could move to in case the Earth people also wanted to move. TheVenusians also told the people on Earth that all-star clusters in the Milky Wayrevolve around the Sun, so the first few large stone sculptures are allstand-alone, indicating that the planets of the solar system are all on theirown; while the large stone sculptures at the back are all fifteen in a row,indicating that the stars in the Milky Way are all grouped and revolve aroundthe Sun as star clusters. All the stone sculptures face away from the sea,indicating that they do not eat or drink and they all use solar energydirectly. That's the mystery behind the 880 plus large stone sculptures onEaster Island.


Aliens have visited the Earthfrequently throughout Earth history. It's noticed that a flying saucer wasdepicted in a well-known portrait of Mother Mary. It's confirmed to me in aSoulforce Medical Show (a.k.a Lingpai) that it was a time when I visited theEarth in my previous life and the blessed virgin Mary happened to be holding anabandoned infant that she found and adopted. She wanted the baby to call hermother and I felt it in my flying saucer and called her 'mother' on the baby'sbehalf. This interaction with Mother Mary had left her soul on a quest forfinding me and using me as her messenger since early teenage of my currentreincarnation.


It's a commonplace thataliens visit planet Earth. The Voynich Manuscript has been considered a bizarrebook, and few people can understand it. On page 75 in the book, what thepicture describes was a tornado that lasted for 1 hour and 45 minutes caused byan alien flying saucer.


On the other hand, when ameteorite falls on the Sun, a tsunami occurs immediately on the Earth, whichSoulforce Medical Show (a.k.a Lingpai) has presented as the reason for severaltsunamis that took place in Southeast Asia.


6, Aliens Prevent the EarthPeople from Flying out of the Earth


People on the Earth rely onfood for survival, and growing food requires land and other resources. Withoutthe necessary land and other resources, food cannot be produced. To compete forthese resources, wars were waged.


Aliens can obtain solarenergy freely, so there is no need to fight for it. Therefore, there is no warin the alien's world, and there is no concept of war either. The mostsignificant difference between the Earth and the alien's world is whether ornot there is a war on the planet.


To survive on the Earth andwin in wars, the Earth people would examine and explore until they eventuallygot hold of nuclear technology, and inevitably nuclear explosions would occur,and everybody got killed. Then the aliens would start to bring embryos to theEarth to seed a new civilization. It has become a cycle of 4800 years basicallyon earth which consists of nuclear explosions that would destroy all lives onearth and reboots by the aliens who would bring in embryos to start it all overagain. It has happened repeatedly. So, it is a commonplace that aliens visitthe Earth.


The pyramids on earth werebuilt by aliens and they are important coordinates on the Earth's surface. Theycontain massive energy and wisdom and are capable of curing diseases.


Terrified by the endless warson earth, aliens were afraid that the earthlings would fly out of the Earth andinvade other planets, so they sent Lord Yanwang (Yama) to the Earth to monitorthe earthlings and prevent them from flying out of the planet. The primary dutyof Lord Yanwang, therefore, is to prevent earthlings from flying out of theEarth. Judgment in the underworld is not his primary function. He is alienindeed. There are four other underworld judges like Lord Yanwang himself on theEarth, each in charge of one part of this world.


The aliens set up a barrierof the barbed-wire fence outside of the Earth as a monitor device to preventearthlings from flying out. The ionosphere surrounding the Earth is that fence.When the Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei flew out of the Earth in a spacecraft, hewas immediately spotted by Lord Yanwang. He struck his spacecraft and made aloud resonating banging sound which terrified the astronaut. When Yang Liweigot so frightened to the point that he lost his willpower Yanwang stoppedstriking. After Yang Liwei returned to the ground he told the scientists aboutthat banging sound, and they made various sounds for Yang Liwei to distinguish.Yang Liwei said none of them was the sound he heard and he could not tell whatthat sound was. In reality, that sound resembles the pronunciation of theChinese Pinyin of "Bang, Bang, Bang" in its second tone.


7, the Earth's Nuclear TestsDamaged the Sun


Beginning in the 1940s,people on the Earth started to engage in nuclear tests, which had causeddamages to the Sun due to resonance. Aliens made many crop circles on earth totell people not to conduct nuclear tests, but the people on earth couldn'tunderstand them.


On August 6 and August 9,1945, the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. The aliens did notget there in time to prevent the detonation but managed to take away thenuclear matter in the aftermath. Otherwise, the explosion would not havestopped and it would have continued to sink down until it blew up the center ofthe Earth. The fact that aliens took away the nuclear matter after theexplosion is the reason why Hiroshima and Nagasaki were still livable after theatomic bombs exploded.


Radioactive pollutants fromthe atomic bombing drifted to China on August 17, 1945.  The first place to arrive was Qidong, JiangsuProvince which is a plain area without any obstructions. Because it'ssummertime and many local farmers, mostly male, were working outdoors wearingonly shorts. They fell prey to the radioactive pollutants and a large number ofyoung to middle-aged men died in the following years, and consequently, therewere many widows in that area. From there, the radioactive pollutants continuedto drift to other parts of China. In the next ten years, China's death toll hadsurpassed Japan, and at its lowest point the population of China was only 400million, but people mistakenly thought that some kind of plague had occurred.The souls of these Chinese people who were killed in the aftermath of theatomic bomb explosion somehow managed to possess many Americans’ bodies. That'sthe reason why since 1955 the United States has seen a remarkable increase ofpotbellied people who were shaped like an atomic bomb, reflecting the codename"Fat Man" for one of the atomic bombs detonated over Japan.


My grandfather's brother LuZhiqing got hit by two pieces of radioactive pollutants, one in his left chestand the other on his right lower leg. He then died of tuberculosis due to hisweakened immunity. There was a woman out there who married a man whose familyname was Bao and gave birth to a boy. After her husband was exposed toradioactive pollutants and died she remarried, and soon her second husband died,and she remarried again. Her third husband was Lu Zhiqing. After Lu's death,she remarried once again. In total, she married seven times, and all sevenhusbands died of radioactive pollutants. People called her "Kefuming"which means a woman who incurs misfortune upon her husband. She found no man tomarry afterward. A few years later, her house caught fire and got burned down,she then went to live with the son she had with her first husband. I met thisold lady when I was in elementary school. She happened to pass by our home oneday, and my parents invited her in for a meal. Much later in life, I learnedthat my father once stayed at her home for 4 months when he was a child. Thisforester home experience was because my grandfather had gone missing. My fatherleft her home after her third husband Lu Zhiqing death and went to live withhis grandfather on his mother's side. From then on in the underworld, in theattempt to transmit the message that radioactive pollutants had drifted fromJapan to China and caused great grief on this land, the soul of Lu Zhiqing kepton possessing the bodies of the live people, causing serious illnesses in atotal of 178 members in my entire family, many of them have already died. Thesewere the details that were presented to me in the 558th of Lingpai on March 17,2013. I had finally realized the transmission of the message from the Yin realmto the Yang realm on Lu Zhiqing’s behalf. Soon after that, a new tombstone waserected on his grave on which the following words were inscribed: “Your wish toannihilate nuclear weapons on earth and to obtain world peace has beenacknowledged by your descendants and we are striving to fulfill that.”

In a previous Lingpai (a.k.aSoulforce Medical Show) case No. 369th on February 29, 2012, I had alreadyknown that radioactive pollutants drift to China from Japan on August 17,1945.  This knowledge had prompted me towrite a letter to the then US President Barack Obama from Shenzhen, China onAugust 15, 2012, in which I enclosed a book I published, hoping that he wasable to go to Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the atomic bombs exploded.Fortunately, President Obama went to Hiroshima on May 27, 2016. That was thefirst US president in office to ever visit Hiroshima in history, and Ifacilitated this event using the power from the spirit realm.


Through Lingpai (a.k.aSoulforce Medical Show) which is a way of looking at the Akashic Records in thespirit realm, I also learned that the cause of the Great Famine in China from1959 to 1961 was directly related to the government's "GrainGathering" policy which was a secret preparation for making nuclear bombs.This policy had caused the seizure of all grains from farmers all over thecountry and hundreds of millions of people died of starvation. A year beforethat, a fanatic nationwide Steelmaking Movement was because of the need forsteel to make atomic bombs.  It can beseen that the fate of the people of both the country that was bombed by atomicbombs and the country that made atomic bombs was equally disastrous and tragic.


The explosion of theChernobyl nuclear power plant took place in 1986 in the USSR and the disasterof the Fukushima nuclear power plant took place in 2011 in Japan. After bothaccidents, aliens came and took away the nuclear matter. Flying saucers werecaught on live TV in Japan after the March 11 Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011,but people didn't know what it was up to. The mysterious Area 51 in the US isalso frequently visited by alien flying saucers. People mistakenly think thatthe US military is cooperating with aliens. Unbeknownst to people, the aliensdo not go there to work with the military but to constantly take away theconcentrated nuclear matter. If the aliens had not kept doing this, the Earthwould have been uninhabitable by now.


8, Alien's Project ofRepairing the Sun and Let the Earth Move Away from the Sun


Because the Earth is veryclose to the Sun, they often affect each other in significant ways. All thenuclear tests conducted by the Earth people since World War II have causeddamages to the Sun due to resonance. If the Sun ever goes out, all aliensrelying on solar energy will die. On other hand, when a meteorite falls on theSun, a tsunami occurs immediately on the Earth, which Lingpai has presented tobe the reason for several tsunamis that took place in Southeast Asia.


To solve the problem ofmutual impacts between the Earth and the Sun, the Interstellar Alliance decidedto carry out the second project of the Sun and the project of moving theplanets away from the Sun. Specifically speaking, they planned to use 50 yearsto add hydrogen to the Sun using flying saucers to double the Sun's volume, andat the same time, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and the moon were to be pulled backaway from the Sun. Considering that adding hydrogen to the Sun would cause arise of temperature on the Earth which would then cause the melting ice toraise the sea level and submerge massive landmass, so the aliens decided tomove the Earth and its moon to a position in between Mars and Jupiter whereit's three-quarters of the way behind Mars and one-quarter of the way in frontof Jupiter. After reaching that position, the Earth would no longer seetyphoons and hurricanes and the climate would become much nicer, people'saverage life expectancy on earth would reach 198 years, and the aliens wouldmake a second moon for the Earth.


The aliens had made many cropcircles on earth to inform people about the upcoming second project of the Sunand the project of relocating the planets, hoping that the Earth people wouldbe motivated to annihilate nuclear weapons and shut down nuclear power plantsbefore they start the projects, however, the Earth people had zero response.


Speaking of the crop circles,I have found out that about 75% of them were made by aliens, and 25% wereforged by earthlings. While the aliens' crop circles are very large in size andvery elaborate in design, the earthlings' crop circles on the other hand arevery small and not as complex. The alien's crop circles are forecasts of eventsthat will happen in the future, while the earthlings' crop circles describewhat is happening or has happened. While few people can comprehend the aliens'crop circles, the earthlings' crop circles can be understood at a glance.


Since the Earth people didnot respond to the aliens' warnings about annihilating nuclear weapons andclosing down nuclear power plants, the aliens kept on hold the project ofmoving the Earth to avoid nuclear explosions.


The aliens began to addhydrogen to the Sun on July 13, 2002, and the Sun became immediately hotter.People on earth felt a noticeable increase in temperature in 2003. Scientistsmistakenly thought it was caused by the Greenhouse Effect. Since people on theEarth had no response to the crop circle messages, the aliens could not goahead and move the planet, and at the same time they could not add hydrogen tothe Sun at full capacity either. Otherwise, the temperature on earth would gettoo high.


In May 2017, when I lookedinto a crop circle in a Soulforce Medical Show (a.k.a Lingpai), I suddenlydiscovered the fact that the Sun was made by aliens and the second project ofthe Sun and the project of moving the planets. I told the aliens that Earthpeople would not easily give up on nuclear weapons and shut down nuclear powerplants and that if they were to wait for that to happen before they start onthe project of moving the planets, time would be lost forever, so the alienschanged their plan and let Mercury, Venus, Earth, and the moon naturally driftaway from the Sun under the influence of centrifugal force. It was my surmisethat when the Earth approaches Mars people will find the sudden change of thepositional relation and it'll be plausible for them to accept the secondproject of the Sun and the project of relocating the planets, and by that time,the task of annihilating nuclear weapons and closing down nuclear power plantswill be a lot feasible. The Interstellar Alliance agreed upon my take on thisand carried out an opening ceremony at 8 am Beijing time on June 3, 2017.  To participate in the opening ceremony, manyflying saucers from far and wide flew to the Sun. Two days before the openingceremony on June 1st, 2017, many flying saucers on their way to the Sun flewover the Taiwan Island. Due to their rotation, the air surrounding them turnedinto huge swirls of flying saucer clouds that decorated the sky over the entireTaiwan Island. A crop circle appeared in France the next day on June 2, with alarge circle in it representing the Sun, and a few smaller circles representingMercury, Venus, the Earth, and the moon. This crop circle was an announcementof the official start of the project of relocating the planets. At 8:00 amBeijing time on June 3, a large number of flying saucers obscured the Sun,forming a solar halo over Beijing.


In 2013, people in Russia andother European countries reported that they saw many flying saucers appear nearthe Sun while watching the real-time solar activity monitored and filmed byNASA. They mistakenly thought that the aliens were doing something sneaky tothe Sun or stealing solar power and feared that this would put the Earth inperil. Through Lingpai (a.k.a. Soulforce Medical Show), I discovered that itwas in fact, that the aliens were adding hydrogen to the Sun.


Since the project ofrelocating the planets got started on June 3, 2017, the flying saucers wereable to add hydrogen to the Sun at full power. While adding fuel to the Sun canraise the temperature on the Earth, on the other hand, letting the planet driftaway from the Sun can lower the Earth's temperature, and these two factors willreach a new balance.


I published the paper"Decrypt Crop Circles by Soulforce Medical Show - The Sun Was Made byAliens" in the Supernatural Magazine on June 14, 2017.  On October 4, 2017, my paper "Decryptthe Sun by Soulforce Medical Show - the Earth is being Moved Across Mars"was published in the Supernatural Magazine. In these two papers, I described indetail the process of adding hydrogen to the Sun by alien flying saucers.  When the flying saucers loaded with hydrogenget to the 100-kilometer proximity to the Sun, doors are opened and thehydrogen gets automatically sucked into the Sun, and then the doors are closedwith double safety equipment. People may think that it is very hot being only100 kilometers away from the Sun, but in fact, it is not. To people's surprise,the temperature there is cooler than that on the Earth. Why? Because there isno atmosphere over there, and the atmosphere functions like a blanket thatkeeps warmth. The heat from the Sun gets encompassed by the Earth's atmosphere,so relatively speaking, the vicinity of the Earth's surface is always warm.While on the other hand, 100 kilometers away from the Sun, because there is noatmosphere, it is cooler than the earth.


So, to outline the revisedplan of relocating the planets: when the Earth approaches Mars, all nuclearweapons on earth ought to be annihilated and all nuclear power plants must beshut down, and then flying saucers will pull the Earth directly from in frontof Mars to behind Mars. After having traveled a long distance in a short period,the Earth will see a sudden drop in temperature. Snow will fall all over theworld and it will be impossible to grow food for five years. Thus, it will beimperative for the Earth people to prepare enough food in advance. As thealiens will continue to add hydrogen to the Sun, the Earth's temperature willrise again, and the planet will continue to move away toward Jupiter.  In other words, there will be two dauntingtasks down the road: 1. Annihilating all nuclear weapons and shutting down allnuclear power plants. 2. Preparing enough food for five years. I reported thissituation to many government departments and none of them responded to it,which made me very anxious.


9, The Aliens' Plan to TakeAway All the Nuclear matter on the Earth by Themselves


The aliens have always hopedthat people on Earth would annihilate their nuclear weapons and shut down thenuclear power plants by themselves. However, people on Earth cannot see thealiens nor the flying saucers, it's hard for them to believe this agenda of thealiens. The aliens did various experiments with my help but only found that thepeople on earth still could not see the flying saucers. I asked the aliens tomake the flying saucers smaller, thinking that maybe people on earth could seesmaller flying saucers because previously the flying saucers at work were allhuge, in some cases, ten times larger than the size of the Earth.


Some time has passed and Iwould repeatedly sense a chill in my nostrils. On May 25, 2019, I did a Lingpaiin which it presented to me that the aliens had made a whole bunch of smallflying saucers at my request, and the smallest ones are the same size as anelectron. I call them electronic flying saucers, and they can go into powersystems and communication systems. This is the 1365th case of Lingpai. Not longafter that, a close friend of mine was in someone's house and a water glass shewas holding in her hand suddenly broke for no apparent reason. Five days later,she was at the same house and another glass broke in her hand, she then took abowl and the bowl broke. Lingpai presented to me that it was the centrifugalforce from a spinning electronic flying saucer that broke the glasses and thebowl.


From June 12 to July 23,2019, I did a series of experiments with the aliens while I was in New Jerseyin the eastern US. A lot of things happened during that period. I can work withaliens regardless of where I am in time and space.


On July 1, 2019, the alienstook away the nuclear matter from a Russian nuclear submarine. When the crewfound that the vessel had lost its nuclear power, they quickly switched to thebackup battery, but the load was not big enough, and a fire broke out, and 14people died in the accident. I later told the aliens that when taking awaynuclear matter from nuclear submarines, they ought to wait till the submarinefloats to the surface of the water. Therefore, in early October 2021, a USnuclear submarine was hit by something when it surfaced. It was presented to mein Lingpai that it was actually a flying saucer that had waited on thesubmarine to surface, and when it did the flying sauce quickly took away itsnuclear matter, saying hello to the vessel with a hasty bump.


On July 4 and 5, 2019, alarge number of flying saucers were doing ground tests in California. Each timewhen a flying saucer landed on the ground or an object got thrown out of theflying saucer and fell on the ground, an earthquake would occur. Sometimesthree objects were thrown at the same time, and three quakes would occur simultaneously.I did Lingpai for all the earthquakes that took place in California during thatperiod of time.


One of them, a 7.1-magnitudeearthquake that occurred at 20:19 on July 5, 2019, was caused by a flyingsaucer that flew at a tilted angle and somersaulted into the Earth's spacebefore it landed on the ground. I also forecasted in a few Lingpais on July 5that the flying saucers were going to have some test activities the very nextday in Los Angels, California. I uploaded these videos on my YouTube channelafter the Lingpais. A few days later, a video circulated on the Internet inwhich a football game was on a live broadcast at the Dodger Stadium in LosAngeles, and all of sudden a flying saucer appeared obliquely in the northeastsomersaulting downward and seconds later an earthquake occurred. This video hasmatched perfectly with what I described in one of my Lingpais.


Under normal circumstances,people on the Earth cannot see flying saucers with their own eyes. How to makethem visible to the Earth people then? I have discovered that a flying sauceronly needs to make a few flips during its descent to the Earth and this willallow them to enter Earth's space and to become visible to the eyes of theEarth people.


Soon after I discovered theelectronic flying saucers, some of them got into the European Union's Galileosatellite control system. From July 11, 2019, onward, 22 satellites in totalwere demobilized, and that was because these satellites were providing servicesto some nuclear power plants.


On July 10, 2019, I toldeveryone on WeChat in Chinese to be prepared for certain power outages. Threedays later, on Friday, July 13, 2019, I posted in English on Twitter to alertpeople in the States of a power outage. Half an hour later, a power outageoccurred on the west side of Manhattan, New York, about 73,000 households wereaffected.


Considering that even thenuclear power plant which provides service for that area didn't necessarilyknow the reason for the blackout, in fact, it's almost impossible for them tofigure out, I decided to go to the nearest police station and to tell them thereason for the blackout in NYC. I went there early the next morning which wasSaturday, July 14th, 2019, and I brought along a few books I wrote as proof ofmy credibility, but the police did not believe what I said. Instead, theythought I had smoked too much marijuana and was delirious. They keptinterrogating me and made me call my family in California. Due to thethree-hour time difference and that it was Saturday, both my wife and mydaughter hadn't gotten up yet and their phones were turned off. The police thenasked me if I had an acquaintance in New Jersey, so I called one of my Lingpaiclients who got healed after the treatment. She used to have headaches, swollensore eyes, and a bloated stomach. She would feel very uncomfortable even aftereating a little bit of food. It's presented in Lingpai that her father hadparticipated in the development of China's Dongfanghong (The East is Red)satellite and the nuclear tests in northwest China.  The Dongfanghong satellite had a design lifeof 20 days, and the actual lifespan was 28 days. Generally, all man-madesatellites have specific uses, but the first satellite of Dongfanghong of Chinahad no specific use. It's just for the purpose of showing off, since the US andSoviet satellites had already been up in the sky, and China was not to be leftbehind. The sound waves of the song Dongfanghong which were sent out by thesatellite were not only aiming at the Earth but broadcasting to the entireuniverse. As a result, the whole universe was affected by the noise, so aliensin their flying saucers rushed toward the Earth to destroy the noise-maker. Butthe satellite ran out of battery power while the aliens were still on their wayand they could not find it when they got here, So the aliens embedded aminiature satellite into her left eye from the high dimension, which has causedher headache and abnormally high pressure in the eye. They also stuffed abattery into her stomach to remind her that she should install the battery inthe satellite for their positioning purpose. As a result, 85% of her stomachcapacity was occupied by the battery, which would cause her discomfort evenafter eating a small amount of food. I later found out in Lingpai that heryounger daughter is an incarnated alien soul. After the treatment of Lingpai,all her symptoms of headaches sore eyes, and maldigestion disappeared.


She explained her medicalcase to the police and told them that she had been a US citizen for decades.The police finally stopped interrogating me, but said they didn't care aboutthese things, they only care about the local security and were not interestedin what I was talking about. After long hours of getting nowhere, I left thepolice station. Under these circumstances, I realized that the plan had to bechanged immediately, so the aliens and I urgently canceled the upcoming poweroutage in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, Japan, even though I had previouslyannounced on social media that there would be a power outage in that area ofJapan. The new plan was to let the flying saucers do more flight demonstrationsfirst.


On July 16, 2019, I felt painin my lower back, so I did a Lingpai in the basement of my New Jerseyresidence. It's presented that a huge mother ship released a lot of smallflying saucers and they performed a series of flight shows over the sea off theLos Angeles coast and southward. I uploaded the video on my YouTube channelright after I finished the Lingpai.


On May 28, 2021, the USmilitary released information that 14 UFOs surrounded a warship in San Diego at11 pm on July 15, 2019. The ship's radar detected their activity and a screenrecording was made, but they have had no clue as to why the UFOs had surroundedthe warship. In reality, a few hours after the flying saucers performed theirflight show, I posted the Lingpai explanation on YouTube on July 16, 2019.


After the US military madethe above release, I tried to contact them. The result was similar to theprevious experience at the police station, except that I was more cautious thistime.


On January 7, 2020, anearthquake of 4.9 magnitudes occurred at 18:20 and another one of 4.5magnitudes occurred at 19:19 in Iran. It was presented in Lingpai that thereason for the two earthquakes was that a nuclear missile was taken out from anIranian warehouse, and a flying saucer immediately took the nuclear matter awayfrom the missile and ejected high-pressure gas to hit the ground as a warningthat nuclear matter was not allowed to be used anymore. That's why theearthquakes occurred. That was the 2154th case of Lingpai. It can be seen that,in actuality, a nuclear war cannot be fought in the future, because the alienshave been monitoring the Earth closely. The minute people bring out a nuclearweapon in the attempt to kill their enemies, it will be voided of the nuclearmatter immediately. All nuclear matter will be removed from this planet in thefuture.


10. The Third Project of theSun


When the Covid-19 pandemicbroke out in early 2020, I reviewed all the epidemics that have occurred inhistory through Lingpai, particularly the influenza A that occurred in 2009,which was presented in the 2179th case of Lingpai on January 31, 2020.  It brought to my awareness that there arepyramids in Mexico that were built by aliens. A flying saucer was travelingtoward a pyramid at low altitude and swept away the hot air near the surfaceand the temperature suddenly dropped by 20-30 degrees. It was summertime,people didn't think the sudden chill was significant and failed to put onadequate warm clothe and many people caught a cold as a result. When they wentto doctors, they were asked to do virus tests and a new strain of flu virus wasfound in their nostrils, so the doctors thought that an influenza A epidemichad broken out in 2009. In fact, the virus had always existed and no one hadbothered testing it, so no one knew that there was an influenza A virus.However, once the virus was detected, people mistakenly thought that theoutbreak was caused by the virus. The real reason was the spinning motion ofthe flying saucer which had swept away the heat and caused a dire drop in theground temperature. In the study of the so-called influenza A virus, a historycontrol group obviously lacked. Similarly, when Covid-19 broke out in 2020,people went to hospitals for treatment. Doctors did virus tests for them andfound the coronavirus, so they mistakenly believed that the coronavirus was thecause of pneumonia. In fact, the coronavirus has existed for thousands ofyears, but no one tested it before. Now it was suddenly detected. There's alsoa lack of a historical control group this time. The subsequent quarantine andvaccination were all wrong.


Two years after the 2179th caseof Lingpai, a person who follows my Lingpai in Switzerland did some research onthe temperature records in Mexico, and found out that at 6 pm on June 2, 2019,and at 6 pm on September 21, 2009, the temperature suddenly dropped from 20degrees Celsius to minus 17.8 degrees Celsius - a shocking drop of 37 degrees!which confirmed what I said that people got the flu because of a sudden drop intemperature.

On April 14, 2020, I suddenlydiscovered, in a Lingpai, that the aliens were doing the third project of theSun. Many flying saucers spinning at high speed were all queued up in a circlearound the Sun. They were working to induce an orderly magnetic field toincrease the efficiency of the Sun. They told me that they had increased theefficiency by 60% up to that point and asked me if it's appropriate for them tocontinue to increase it. I knew that if the efficiency continued to increase,it would mean that the Sun would emit more heat and the Earth would get hotter.I also knew that if they stopped and waited for the Earth to move far enoughaway from the Sun and then restart it would be very difficult, just as aniron-making blast furnace getting stopped halfway and then trying to regain themomentum. It won't be as easy to gather so many flying saucers near the sunonce again, So I asked them to go ahead and increase the efficiency to 100%. Regardinghow to cool down the Earth, I had already known, from the previous Lingpaiabout influenza A, that using a flying saucer's spinning motion towards the groundcan reduce the temperature. But the aliens themselves had not realized it up tothat point, so they took my advice and increased the Sun's efficiency to 100%by inducing an orderly magnetic field. The Sun became hotter after the thirdproject.


However, the aliens were veryafraid of one person on the Earth and that person was North Korea's KimJong-un. I had already known this during a Lingpai in 2017, and that's becauseKim Jong-un was the person on earth who most wanted to conduct nuclear tests. Fearingthat Kim's nuclear tests would ruin the Sun again, the aliens dropped a sharpknife and stabbed Kim Jong-un on the anterior of his heart. From a previousLingpai, I had gotten to know that Kim Jong-un had three body doubles. All thescenes in which Kim Jong-un had a part after April 14, 2020, were done by thebody doubles. I will spare myself on how to distinguish between the real Kimand the actors.


After the aliens accepted myidea to use flying saucers to bring down temperature they first conducted anexperiment in the northeastern part of China. As a result, heavy snow fell fromApril 20 to 22, 2020, and many houses were buried completely under the snow.The weather forecast on China's Central Television announced that "a coldvortex rotating counterclockwise was hovering over northeastern China."What on earth is the cold vortex rotating counterclockwise? A flying saucer ofcourse! Their rotation is almost always counterclockwise. Although thefrequency of alien flying saucers falls outside of the Earth people's opticalspectrum and cannot be visible to people's eyes, the cloud formation caused bythe rotating motion of flying saucers can be seen by people or be shown assatellite images.


The experimental flyingsaucer then moved southward, causing hail or snow on its way throughout thewhole summer.


On May 1, 2020, the flyingsaucer stopped blowing wind to the surface of the earth to measure thebackground temperature of the surface after the third project of the Sun toincrease its heat emission but without the air conditioning from the flyingsaucer. Right away the entire country became a hot red area on the thermal map,which was jokingly called the motherland of red China.


On the afternoon of May 5th, 2020,two flying saucers came to the Humen Bridge in Guangdong province in southernChina and crossed the bridge deck vertically, causing the bridge to oscillateabnormally at 15:32. At around 8 pm, the two flying saucers tested thispeculiar movement one more time, causing the bridge to swing up and down again.The Humen Bridge was closed thereafter.


On May 27, 2020, PresidentTrump came to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to watch NASA's Space XFalcon 9 manned spacecraft launch. The weather condition suddenly turned nasty17 minutes before the launch, and the launch had to be rescheduled. What hadactually happened? Well, the aliens were very dissatisfied that NASA had notmade any clear statement about the existence of aliens, so a flying saucer cameto the launch site and moved up and down 8 times, causing much air disturbanceover the site. This is what's presented in the 2397th case of Lingpai. When thelaunch attempted to take place again a few days later, three more flyingsaucers came, but they just watched quietly nearby and made no up and downmoves like the previous time.


On August 22, 2020, TyphoonBawei hit China. It's present in the 2680th case of Lingpai that this wascaused by a large flying saucer from Mars which had wreaked vengeance. A fewdays later, when looking up the cause of Hurricane Laura in the 2692nd case ofLingpai, I found that it was still a big flying saucer from Mars. They came totake an eye-for-an-eye action because humans have launched spacecraft to Marsto spy on them. The Martians came to retaliate.


On August 31, 2020, China washit by No. 9 Typhoon Mesaac. It's presented to me that it's human's wishfulthinking wanting to immigrate to Mars that had incurred the turbulence. TheMartians came to the Earth to take revenge. This is the 2713th case of Lingpai.


A star seed who follows myLingpai asked me to see if I could negotiate with the Martians for theirconsent to move backward along with the Earth so that the Earth would not haveto pass across Mars. I agreed and on September 3, 2020, in the 2734thcaseof the Lingpai I presented the proposal to the Interstellar Alliance and Marsthat Mars was to be moved backward away from the sun as well so that the Earthwould have more space to move away from the Sun but still remain in front ofMars. On September 29, in the 2859th case of Lingpai, they informed me thatthey would make some measurements and evaluate this. On October 17th, in the2927th case of Lingpai, they finally agreed to move Mars backward as well. Ifelt relief upon this news because a lot of work was spared and I felt no moreanxiety. It's no longer necessary to prepare food five years in advance, butthe plan to remove nuclear matter from the Earth has not changed.


The Martians are willing tomove Mars backward to make room for the Earth, however, it's a different storyif the earthlings want to immigrate to Mars, and the Martians will stronglypush back. I wish to remind the Earth people to give up the idea of colonizingor immigrating to Mars, otherwise, there will be bad retaliation by theMartians.


On July 22, 2021, in the 3878thcase of Lingpai, I looked up the cause of the No.6 typhoon Firework that hadhit China. It's presented to me that a spacecraft from Earth had invaded Marsand the Marians sent a flying saucer to retaliate. It came and found that theXiangshan Rocket Launch Base in Zhejiang was under construction. Wanting todestroy it, the flying saucer stirred up the typhoon.


In February 2021, the stateof Texas in the United States experienced a rare low temperature in history. Itturned out that the aliens saw many satellites launched by Elon Musk and theydidn't know what these satellites were, so a flying saucer in its spinningmotion kept blowing wind toward the Star-Link satellites. Much heat was takenaway by the flying saucer, and a rare low temperature occurred on the ground.This is the 3233rd case of Lingpai.


In fact, I wrote a letter toElon Musk at the end of July 2018, telling him that too many man-madesatellites in the sky will produce light pollution and affect the biologicalclocks of chickens and other animals on earth. I suggested that he would usenon-reflective materials for his satellites. I had gotten to know this duringthe 1035th case of Lingpai on July 26, 2018, in which it's presented to me thatlight pollution from satellites would affect chickens and other animals. Ihence had the urge to write to Elon Musk.


On May 18, 2021, twoelectronic flying saucers descended close to the ground near the SEG tower inShenzhen, China, and shot upward suddenly and rapidly, causing the building toshake. After the incident, I immediately contacted an acquaintance at theInstitute of Architectural Design of Shenzhen and told them that both theshaking of the SEG Building and the Humen Bridge were caused by flying saucers,but the shaking of the SEG tower was caused by two electronic flying saucers,that's because SEG is a big marketplace for electronics. The next day on May19, 2021, one electronic flying saucer went there again and ran around the SEGbuilding, causing it to shake one more time.


I record the activities offlying saucers almost every day, and this article only selects certainimportant events to expound upon.


Beginning in May 2021, thealiens have carried out the fourth project of the Sun, in which flying saucershave entered the Sun to work to further improve its efficiency.  The fourth project of the Sun is complicatedby itself, what's also brought up at the same time in Lingpai was the interiorstructure of the Sun and the structure of the universe which is alsocomplicated, and that aliens are working to expand the universe. All theplanets in the solar system will be moved to the Milky Way galaxy in thefuture. The Sun will produce more energy, making the expansion of the universepossible and barrier-free. I will elaborate on this in another article in thefuture.


11, Aliens Prove TheirExistence to People on Earth


Since nuclear matter not onlyposes a threat to the people on earth but also jeopardizes the Sun as a nuclearexplosion can resonate and ruin the Sun, yet the people on earth have takenzero action to annihilate nuclear weapons and shut down nuclear power plants,so the aliens decided to remove all of the nuclear matter from the Earth bythemselves.


The original plan was thatfrom July 2019 the aliens were to take away the concentrated nuclear matter innuclear weapons and nuclear power plants. Considering that a sudden removalwould cause electricity shortage and disruption for people on earth and thateven if the concentrated matter gets taken away the earthlings would still beable to obtain it from the loose material, so the aliens decided to take awayall the loose nuclear material which was scattered all over the earth first.This way, the earthlings would no longer be able to make concentrated nuclearmatter again. The removal of loose and scattered nuclear material began in 2019and has now been completed.


When the time came to takeaway the nuclear matter from nuclear power plants, electronic flying saucerswould first enter the power system and the communication system to cut off thepower and communication like switches before the actual removal by big flyingsaucers.


The aliens wanted to provetheir existence to people on the Earth before they work on the removal of theconcentrated nuclear matter. In 2021, flying saucers frequently performedlow-altitude flight demonstrations throughout the world, creating lots of theso-called lenticular clouds or shelf clouds, or UFO clouds. People on earthcannot see flying saucers, but they can see the cloud formations surroundingthe flying saucers due to their rotating motion. They also work in a team underand above waters to make the so-called waterspouts. However, people on earthalways think that these are natural phenomena and rarely think that they areformed by flying saucers, while the Chinese culture has attributed waterspoutsto dragons and termed it dragon-sucking-up-the-water. Tornadoes are also formedby flying saucers, but people never think they are related to aliens.Originally, these performances were regarded as the first step in theirapproach to taking away nuclear matter. The aliens wanted the Earth people tobelieve their existence through these performances first and then their agendato remove the nuclear matter so that the Earth people will be prepared inadvance to use other energy sources such as oil and coal adequately in theirelectricity generation before the aliens carry out the removal of nuclearmatter in nuclear power plants. But the Earth people have never realized it,not even remotely.


For quite a while, the aliensand I have considered shaking up certain buildings, like the way the SEGBuilding in Shenzhen was shaken by electronic flying saucers, and using thisway to let the Earth people know about their existence. However, the downside ofthis way is that people would have to repair the buildings afterward and stillwould not associate the events with aliens.


Some people may wonder, whydon't the aliens just go ahead and take away the nuclear matter directly? Whydo they have to bother to prove their existence to the earthlings? It's veryeasy for the aliens to take away the nuclear matter, but people on earth wouldhave to face dire consequences once it gets taken away. Lack of electricitywill disrupt many lives. Likewise, X-ray and CT machines in hospitals all usenuclear matter, and once the nuclear matter gets removed the hospitals would bedisabled immediately. Needless to say, college courses such as "NuclearPhysics" and "Nuclear Medicine" will also disappear on earth inthe future. What the aliens are concerned about is a smooth transition for theEarth people.


We call the supernaturalpower that keeps the Sun and the planets in operational order, God. Thesealiens who work to maintain the Sun and take away the Earth's nuclear matter,in reality, are our God. The Sun was ruined by the nuclear tests on earth, butthe aliens did not blow up the Earth in return, instead, they took the troubleto repair the Sun again and again, and made many efforts to enlighten the Earthpeople in hope that they would cooperate in the removal agenda of the nuclearmatter.


On September 10, 2021, in the4052nd case of Lingpai, I told the aliens that we should take away the nuclearmatter from nuclear power plants step by step. For example, we take away thenuclear matter from one reactor or unit in a nuclear power plant first. Due tothe subsequent output decrease, people will resort back to oil or coal forelectricity generation to make up for the decrease. Right after the Lingpai,the aliens began to take away the nuclear matter from one unit at a time and acertain amount of city power supply of cause, so suddenly, there were poweroutages all over the places.


Scientists on earth havemistaken the warming up of the Earth caused by the Sun's magnitude increase forthe Earth's greenhouse effect, and erroneously believe that burning of carbonwill cause the Earth to heat up. Not only has there been no plan to reducenuclear power, but instead restrictions were put upon the use of oil and coal orcarbon emission. Politicians even put forward the goal of zero carbon emission.Climate issues continue to be the battleground for political correctness.People of the Earth will not give up nuclear power as they have classified itas zero-emission clean energy, and there is great momentum for its development,so the aliens have decided to make a giant step forward– to move a sizable part of the Himalaya mountains tothe South Pacific Ocean to build the island. It is something the earthlings arecompletely incapable of doing at all. Only aliens can do it. This will provethat aliens do exist.


12, Move a Sizable Part ofthe Himalayas to the Pacific Ocean to Build ET Base Island


The aliens and I, KuweiZhongzheng (Japanese pronunciation: Horio Tadamasa), have decided to move asizable part of the Himalaya mountains to the South Pacific Ocean to build anisland, and let Kuwei Zhongzheng be the owner of the island. It is planned tobuild three islands eventually. The first island will be formed by materials fromthe Himalayas. The second island will use materials from other planets, whichare different from that of the Earth. The third island will use state of an artmediums in the universe and when the Earth people get on the third island theywill be able to see entities in the four-dimensional space.


Unlike the discovery of a newisland in human history where the first person who made the discovery couldclaim ownership of it, this time, however, it is a proactive action from thealiens and me to jointly build an island using ET force and I, KuweiZhongzheng, will be the owner of the island. Alien technologies will be put ondisplay to let people know the existence of aliens and to correct manymisconceptions that the Earth people have about the aliens. The major goal inbuilding the island is to make people voluntarily give up nuclear power andadequately use oil or coal for electricity generation. Once the proper capacityfor power generation is secured, aliens will remove all nuclear matter on theEarth. Building the island is an intermediate step in this process.


Steps: 1. Deepen the bottomof the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers. 2. Scrape the snow and ice off the upper partof the Himalayas. 3. Cut the mountains horizontally to make them fit with theseabed of the South Pacific Ocean. 4. Adjust the seawater to keep the sea levelunchanged.


October and November of 2021were different for the Himalayas compared to the previous years in a way thatthere's almost no snow in the upper part of the mountains, but there's snow inthe lower part. This is because the aliens had deliberately exposed the upperpart that was to be moved. On November 9, 2021, in a CNN World report, NASA hasfound that there was almost no snow on the Himalayas and has attributed this toclimate change. During this period of time, videos were uploaded to my YouTubechannel every day in which I talked about the progress of the move, somedifficulties we encountered, and new adjustments we made to resolve the issues.


Plan A of the move was to usea huge cable car with two parallel cables and a pair of towers (like the towersin a cable-stayed bridge) midway to lift the weight. Plan B was to move themountains with a big flying saucer. Because the mountains are extremely heavyif Plan A was to be used it would exert mega pressure upon the towers and maybreak the crust underneath. If Plan B was to be used the flying saucer wouldstir up superwind on the ground. On November 13, 2021, in the 4176th case ofLingpai, I proposed to cut the mountains vertically into ten or twenty smallerpieces for transportation, this way it would have a smaller pressure on thetowers and would prevent them from breaking the crust or prevent the flyingsaucer from stirring up strong winds. On November 14th, in the 4181st case ofLingpai, I proposed to let down a rope from a flying saucer very high above topull up the towers. This way, it could alleviate the stress upon the towers andthe crust and there would be no strong wind, and there would be no need to cutthe mountains into ten or twenty smaller pieces either. In short, the aliensand I consult each other every step of the way as we move forward.


The island is temporarilynamed ET Base Island, which is jointly owned by the aliens and me, KuweiZhongzheng, and I am the sole owner of the island in this third-dimensionalspace on Earth.


Subjects strictly prohibitedon my island are as follows: the development and utilization of nuclear energy;embryo and genetic research; human and animal cloning; and vaccination. Limitedartificial intelligence (AI) research is allowed, which means AI cannot be toosmart to avoid the soul-grabbing of people and animals by AI. The islanders arepure vegetarians, and the killing of animals and people and abortion are strictlyprohibited. It is also strictly forbidden to produce space junk or fly out ofthe Earth as well as landing on the moon and mining the moon. It is strictlyforbidden to spread false history. Honoring and commemorating ancestors isencouraged on the islands.


After the mountains are movedand the islands are built, all nuclear matter on the Earth will be removed.


13, The Working Principle ofNuclear Matter


This is the subject that'sthe most difficult to understand. Nuclear matter works in a way across time andspace (the yin and the yang worlds), but it still obeys the Law of theConservation of Energy. It's just that it borrows energy (the debt) from the spiritworld and uses it up first, then the radioactive particles released in anexplosion will absorb other energy to pay off the debt. The key point here isthat it can borrow energy from the surrounding environment (thus becomingnegative energy in its real sense). The explosion uses it all up in one blowand releases it, sending countless tiny small particles in all directions toabsorb energy elsewhere and return it to the large matter. With the yin andyang realms combined, there is no extra energy that can be found. Onecharacteristic of nuclear matter is that a large piece automatically absorbsthe energy from a smaller piece, and when the nuclear matter reaches a certainextent, it will automatically explode. Therefore, it's very simple for a nuclearexplosion to occur. This is why the alien flying saucers have kept coming toArea 51 to take away the nuclear matter not to let it get big enough. All thetiny small pieces that get blown out in an explosion are connected with thelarge piece by thin filaments. Radioactive pollutants that float in the air areall connected to the large matter through thin filaments that are invisible topeople's eyes. This is like a fishing hook that's connected to a fishing rodthrough a line. The hooks of radioactive pollutants will suck up the energy ofwhatever they hook up and transfer the energy to the big matter (the rod)through the threads. When radioactive pollutants land on people they will suckup energy from the body and send it to the large matter even thousands of milesaway. The body will then get depleted of energy and soon die out. Whenradioactive pollutants fall on the ground they will absorb the energy from theland and transfer it to the large matter through the thin threads. The landwill then lose energy and become poor and barren. Now when you look at somereal photos taken during an explosion of an atomic bomb, you will find that thebackground is full of those threads. This is something people hadn’t noticedbefore or were unaware of. The threads are thicker near the source of theexplosion where the radioactive matter is more concentrated, while the threadsfar away from the explosion are too thin to be visible to the naked eye, butthey still exist. The above description may be a little difficult to understandbecause it involves negative energy in its real sense, and there's almost noother case like this in our daily lives.


From this point of view, youcan see that the electricity generated by nuclear power plants does not comewithout an energetic debt that is seized from the surrounding environmentthrough those invisible threads.


Moreover, the disposal ofnuclear waste from nuclear power plants is also a big problem, and some plantseven dump the nuclear waste directly into the sea.

On May 6, 2017, when looking into the phenomenonof crop circles in the 737th case of Lingpai, I was imparted more knowledge bythe aliens about the working mechanism of nuclear matter. The impartation is asfollows: The Earth is only a part of the universe. The Aliens used to conductnuclear experiments as well. Out of the concerns that their experiments mightaffect our planet, they would draw crop circles on earth to inform theearthlings in advance. Thus, the crop fields became their notice boards.

The aliens’ nuclear technologies are veryadvanced - thousands of times more advanced than that of the earthlings'. But anuclear test is something rather unique and risky. They were concerned aboutthe impact it might bring about upon other planets. Even there's a one-tenthousandth chance that something might go wrong, they ought to notify people onother planets in advance, unlike the earthlings who like to secretly engage innuclear tests. The grave downside of this secrecy is that if two parties happento conduct a nuclear test at the same time resonance occurs and the Earth willbe shattered by the resonance energy. Therefore, the aliens would always notifythe Earth's people ahead of time. They would draw a picture like a rocket witha dual deployment system, indicating that they were going to conduct a nucleartest. When the aliens conducted a nuclear test, the earthlings were required tonot conduct any nuclear test at the same time. They were afraid that it wouldcause resonance and a super explosion that could shatter the entire Earth oreven the entire universe.

But the people of the Earth are completelyindifferent, going their own ways, and have never paid attention to the noticesof the aliens, just like they are being blind and deaf. To say the earthlingsare deaf and blind, that’s not the case either, because after all, they haveattempted to launch the space shuttle Endeavour. The aliens didn’t understandwhy the Earth people had no response to so many crop circles they had drawn,so they went ahead and drew an even bigger onethat looked like a rocket with a triple deployment system and with greaterpower, stating that they wanted to conduct a nuclear test.

The eagerness of the Earth people to conductnuclear tests at all times and their zero response to the crop circles had madethe aliens leery and dared not conduct any nuclear tests for the sake ofcaution. They feared that if the earthlings ever conducted a nuclear testsimultaneously the resonance energy will devastate the entire universe.

The universe is not void, and the space betweenplanets is full of matter, just too fine to be visible to human eyes, just asthe space between two trees that is not empty but connected by soil and air.The same is true for the universe, and the space between celestial bodies is notempty. Humans have thrown too much space junk over the years, and aliens haveto constantly pick up the space junk discarded by earthlings, so they came tothe Earth and drew a cross inside a big circle to tell the earthlings no litterof space junks in the universe.

Aliens communicate telepathically. For years,they had been receiving strong intention to conduct nuclear tests from NorthKorea’s Kim Jong-un. They knew that he was the person on earth who wanted toconduct nuclear tests most. They also knew that although Kim Jong-un did nothave any nuclear weapons at the time, if his intent didn’t get cut off sooneror later he would certainly bring about nuclear weapons, so Kim Jong-un madethe aliens very nervous. As a result, they have not conducted any nuclear testsfor many years, just in case a resonance would occur.

From the aliens’ perspective, Kim Jong-un wasthe toughest man on earth, because his intent to ​​conductnuclear tests was so strong that it had spread to the entire universe. Theprinciple of aliens is not to use force. But we, the people on earth, shouldunite and boycott Kim Jong-un's nuclear test. Even if it is just a single idea,the entire universe can receive it. It is imperative to eliminate Kim Jong-un'sidea of conducting nuclear tests and ​​developing nuclear power. Humans have notmastered nuclear technologies, far from it, including the technology of nuclearpower generation.

The sun is an artificial nuclear powerhousethat did not exist in the beginning. It was a nuclear power plant built byaliens for people in the entire universe to use. Nuclear tests conducted on theEarth had caused damages to the Sun due to resonance. The abnormalities of darksunspots and solar storms were directly caused by nuclear tests conducted onthe Earth. The Earth people must carry out no more nuclear tests, so the alienscame and drew an enormous circle that represented the Sun, the artificialnuclear power, and a series of smaller circles of various sizes arranged in aspiral pattern, which represented all the planets in the galactic disk. Thiselaborate crop circle was used to warn humans that no more nuclear tests shouldbe conducted further. Otherwise, grave consequences would be brought upon theSun and the entire universe.

If mankind on earth continues to conductnuclear tests as he pleases, it may cause even more irregular activities of theSun. When the Sun and the entire universe get affected, it won’t be ruled outthat the aliens will come and wipe out the whole of mankind from the surface ofthis Earth. This is what’s presented in the 737th case of Lingpai.

It can be concluded from the above Lingpaicontent that if a nuclear war ever breaks out on earth, an attack by one sidefollowed by the counterattack of the other side, will trigger resonance andintensive explosion immediately and the resonance energy will shatter the wholeplanet into pieces. It may also destroy the Sun due to the resonance and bringabout the devastation to the entire solar system and the Milky Way galaxy.People of the Earth will become sinners of the entire universe by developingnuclear power.


At 8:57 am on July 13, 2019,a 6.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in the East China Sea at the depth of 230kilometers. The cause of that was a helicopter that threw nuclear waste intothe sea. The nuclear waste kept on sinking and encountered the waste that wasthrown out previously. When the two met, a nuclear explosion happened. Then aflying saucer came and took away the nuclear matter. This is the 1596th case ofLingpai.


At 13:54 on November 17,2021, a 5.2-magnitude earthquake occurred in the sea off Dafeng District,Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, China at the depth of 17 kilometers. The cause ofthis was a flying saucer that was gathering nuclear waste in the sea likepulling up a fishing net in which a nuclear explosion occurred. This is the4193rd case of Lingpai. Nuclear waste is as dangerous as ordinary nuclearmatter, and when several small pieces of nuclear waste meet and get big enoughin volume an explosion will occur. Therefore, nuclear waste is also included inthe removal project.


When the aliens finishremoving nuclear matter completely on this planet radioactive pollutants thatare scattered all over the place will no longer be connected to the nuclearmatter by threads, therefore rendering them disabled and harmless, and thepeople on the earth will be safe.


14. Communication BetweenAliens and Earthlings Is Difficult


We can only see 4% of theworld, and 96% is invisible to the human eyes. The visible domain is called theYang realm, and the invisible domain is called the Yin realm the underworld orthe spirit world, and physicists call the invisible dark matter or dark energy.Sometimes the visible world is called the three-dimensional space, and theinvisible world is called the four-dimensional space. Relatively speaking,aliens dwell in high-dimensional space, and humans on earth dwell inlow-dimensional space. The higher dimensional beings can see and hear the lowerdimensional beings; but conversely, the lower dimensional beings can't see orhear the higher dimensional beings.


After humans and animals die,their souls continue to exist in higher-dimensional space. Because they arefrom this world, their souls are aware of the living people's way of thinkingand the languaging of this world.


Aliens, on the other hand,have never lived with humans, so their thinking is very different. The way theEarth people do things is incomprehensible to the aliens and communication withthem is very difficult. People on earth can only see 4% of the world, which isrendering them deaf and blind.  In theirattempt to communicate with humans, aliens have made many crop circles on earthto inform humans about what will come up in the future, but people on earth canbarely understand them.


Aliens communicate bythoughts or telepathically.  For example,Kim Jong-un had always wanted to do nuclear tests and this strong desire wassensed by the aliens. From their point of view, Kim Jong-un had already donethe nuclear tests and he was the person on earth who wanted to do nuclear teststhe most.


On the other hand, however,if somebody carried two sharp knives in each hand and passed through a crowdand accidentally injured some people with the knives along the way, and a fewof them died. Because that person had no intention to kill people in his mind,the aliens would not think that he had killed those people.


The vast majority of humandiseases are caused by higher dimensional entities that are affecting people.Western medicine has never considered this factor. therefore, it has beenincapable of curing the majority of the diseases. It only deals with thesymptoms, instead of the causes. Because the cause of the disease still exists,the disease cannot be cured.


Many people's cognition stilldwells on the presumption that extraterrestrial civilization is also based onwater and keeps on using water as a search criterion. Some people even thinkthat the Earth civilization is the most advanced in the universe, so whenfinding no water on other planets they mistakenly thought that single-celledlower life forms have not evolved yet on these planets. They are unaware thatthe aliens do not eat or drink and that they use solar energy directly.


Aliens can always exist inthe soul form and the soul is immortal, that is to say, the aliens are ofimmortality.


The souls of the Earth peopleare also immortal. It is just that the Earth people alternate between soul formand physical form. Only flesh dies away. The soul will live on forever, and itcan come back to physicality with a new body through reincarnation.


If an alien being wants to beborn on the Earth, he needs to incarnate in the body of an Earth person, but heis still of an alien soul.


As I mentioned earlier, thecycle of human civilization on Earth has been 4800 years for eons. They havealways ended up with nuclear explosions and everybody got killed in the end.Aliens would then send embryos to the Earth to start it all over again.


The Great Sphinx of Giza in Egyptwas a device built by the aliens to monitor the concentration of nuclear matteron this planet. When the contaminated dust floated into the mouth of theSphinx, the time-space tunnel built inside would send the dust to the alienplanet, and the aliens were able to learn about the concentration of nuclearmatter on the Earth. Some time had passed, due to the very high concentrationof nuclear matter on the Earth, this device was damaged and lost its function4600 years ago. From then on, the aliens could not automatically obtain data onthe concentration of nuclear matter on the Earth through this device, and theyneeded someone to stay here to manually monitor and transmit the data to thealien planet.


4600 years ago, after Itransported embryos to the Earth along with my alien colleagues, I volunteeredto stay behind, quietly planning to solve the nuclear problems that had beenhaunting this planet for eons. I then got reincarnated constantly over and overagain.


4600 years have passed inthis current cycle. If humanity fails to remove all nuclear matter from theplanet mankind will disappear on earth once again within 200 years. Not longago, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of a major countrystill threatened to use nuclear weapons. Therefore, it is urgent to have allthe nuclear matter removed from the Earth.


People are very ignorant inthe way that they do genetic research. Based upon the current situation, evenif all the nuclear matter gets taken away, people would still die out in largenumbers like the casualties in swine flu and bird flu due to human’s recklessfiddling with genes. The high lethal rate in swine flu and bird flu is becausethese factory-farmed animals are fed genetically modified food in which theunintegrated tiny slices of genes have gotten attached to the animals'chromosomes and thus changed the chromosomes' structure and function. Idiscovered this in Lingpai ten years ago and I had talked about this issue inthree books I published ten years ago.


My Lingpai research washugely misunderstood and I was discredited and smeared by Wang Rijing, areporter from the Southern Metropolis Daily in Guangzhou, China. As a result,12 members of my Lingpai team were put into a detention center. I was detainedin Shenzhen Nanshan Detention Center from April 15, 2013, to June 14, 2014,during that time all research activities stopped. I had been transmittingmessages for aliens up to that point, all of sudden I stopped and there hadbeen no transmission for days. When the aliens found out that I had been putinto the detention center they follow me there.


To let me know that they werewatching over me by my side, the aliens would rub my eyeballs. On the day ofthe court hearing, they took away a piece of my tooth, and a piece of my wife'stooth of the same position was also taken away while she was seated at thecourt, so we both lost a piece of our tooth of the same position that day. Thisis the way that aliens communicate with humans.


Because the concentration ofnuclear pollutants in the air on earth is much higher than that of otherplanets, the aliens have been washing my body every four hours from the highdimension since my early childhood. As the water takes away my body heat, Ihave always felt cold and I always wear more clothes than others. When I was inthe detention center, the cell I was in had two-story-high walls and there wasa window on each side of the wall near the ceiling but without glasses, andwinter's cold wind poured in. I was so cold that I had to put on clothing thatI borrowed from six other inmates who were young and not as afraid of the cold.I went months without taking a shower, but because aliens shower me from thehigh-dimensional space, it didn't seem to be a problem.


For the same reason, I don'tever get dehydrated. I don't need extra water almost all year round, even if Iam in the desert of California. Moreover, my skin is very tender and easilygets bruised on a daily basis. I have to wear gloves when work gets even alittle heavier. These characteristics are all related to the fact that alienswash my body regularly.


Inmates in the detentioncenter mistakenly thought I had martial arts. Someone was involved in a fightand was going to crash on me, but seconds before he bumped into me an alienbeing threw him out and he landed heavily on the ground. The bystanders thoughtI was the one who beat him out, but in fact, I was just standing and having ameal with a rice bowl in one hand and a spoon in the other. It was impossiblefor me to throw him heavily into a pool of water on the concrete ground.There's another time when an inmate in the detention center wanted to approachme and mock me. The alien being gave him an instant headache. He was someone inhis twenties and the next day his hair turned all grey.


Crop circle has been one ofthe ways that aliens use to transmit messages to the people on earth, butbecause people cannot understand the crop circles, the purpose of impartinginformation has not been achieved.


On July 5, 2021, the aliensmade a very simple crop circle in Wiltshire, England, with two concentriccircles and a cross in the middle. They made it a test to see how long it wouldtake for the text message to reach me. I received the notification about thecrop circle and finished deciphering it within hours. This was the 3721st caseof Lingpai.

In the next few weeks. Thealiens told the Earth people a few plans they had to once again prove theirexistence in the form of crop circles made in the UK,


The crop circle of July 20,2021, indicated that two flying saucers might be used to pick up a mountainlike a sandwich and move it to another place. This was an indication that theywere considering moving mountains (the 3872nd case of Lingpai).

The crop circle of August 1,2021, indicated the plan of shaking two buildings in two different places atthe same time (the 3912th case of Lingpai).

The crop circle of August 8,2021, was a test of people's association between the crop circle and a flyingsaucer, and the result was very poor (the 3942nd case of Lingpai).

The crop circle of August 11,2021, was a test of people's engagement to the crop circle, and the result wasvery poor (the 3946th case of Lingpai).

On August 15, 2021, a flyingsaucer made a serrated crop circle and then watched for people’s responsequietly high above it, but hours had passed and people paid little interest init. Bing upset, the flying saucer dove down and burst out-gushes of pressuredair, some dots appeared inside of the circle, and then it left (the 3960th caseof Lingpai).

On August 6, 2021, I uploadedto my YouTube channel a computer-processed short video (only 7 seconds inlength) that I got elsewhere in which a big pile of swirling clouds was suckingup a stream of dust from the ground with loud noise as if there’s a vacuummachine or blower inside the clouds. This video received more than 400,000views in just a few days, which was a sharp contrast to the extremely low viewcounts of my Lingpai videos on crop circles. Being upset by this, the aliensmade a blower-like crop circle (the 3988th case of Lingpai) on August 25, 2021,and told the people on earth that if that’s what we want we should payattention to them because their flying saucers can make the most powerfulblowers we can ever imagine. From then on, people in the UK haven’t seen anynew crop circles yet. The aliens have finally stopped using crop circles as away of transmitting messages and started using Kuwei’s Lingpai for impartinginformation directly. Working together, they would make people believe theirexistence by moving the Himalayas mountains to the Pacific Ocean to build theET Base Island.

On November 13, 2021, mylower tooth which is the second to the middle on the right side had severepain, too painful to touch. In Lingpai it turned out that the aliens werepreparing to move the Himalayas with cables. The pain was equivalent to thestress excreted on the towers of the cable-stayed bridge. The weight wasextremely heavy. The spirit realm had passed on this message to me, and this isthe 4176th case of Lingpai. After the message was let out my tooth pain eased.


The next morning, my daughtersaid that she had a dream in which her lower tooth that's second to the middleon the right side had almost fallen out and only a little nerve was connected.When she woke up, she thought she had lost the tooth and a moment laterconfirmed that the tooth was still there. It's the same tooth as mine, whichmeans that the aliens had passed on this message to my daughter at the sametime. When I did Lingpai on my daughter when she was a little girl, what waspresented was all the things unknown to mankind in the atomic bombing of Japanin 1945.


So why am I the chosen one toparticipate in the mountain-moving project at this time and why have they mademe the owner of the island? Because it's my mission and I have been preparingfor this for 4600 years in this cycle.


The aliens started addinghydrogen to the Sun on July 13, 2002, and at the same time, they had to carryout the project of relocating the planets. However, communication with theearthlings had not been established until May 2017 when I finally made contactwith them on this subject matter. Soon after the contact, the project startedon June 3, 2017.


On April 14, 2020, during thethird project of the Sun, it was my idea to use flying saucers' rotating motionto cool down earth that solved the issue at hand.


Many people don't think thatthere are aliens, while some people think that aliens are perfect andomnipotent. That's not the case. For example, when they built the Sun 3.7billion years ago, not until after they finished transporting hydrogen to thecenter of the universe, did they realize that they had added too much hydrogento the Sun. Maybe people don't believe that aliens would make such an inferiormistake, but that's indeed what had happened. When the hydrogen was sent to thecenter of the universe, it got sucked in as soon as it was released from theflying saucers. They later realized that they had added too much hydrogen andcould not take it out, so the ignition was delayed by 1 billion years. Whenthey changed the ignition plan from central ignition to surface ignition theexplosion was still too violent. They had to cast a large number of meteoritesto the Sun to divide the space into smaller segments for the explosion to diedown.


Due to the communicationbarrier between aliens and earthlings, many issues are stuck. Since I wasoriginally alien and that I have been on the Earth for 4600 years, I know bothworlds quite well, so the aliens like to come to me when they have somethingthey don't understand and consult me to find solutions.


What is Lingpai (a.k.a.Soulforce Medical Show)? It is a method or a tool of communicating with thespirit world. Lingpai is the process in which I read the spirit world archives(a.k.a Akashic Records or Heavenly Books), which is like watching athree-dimensional movie. Through this method, I can know anything that happensat any time and any place in the universe. I can know the past, the present,and the future. Of course, the future can be changed.


15, Kuwei Zhongzheng 'sPrevious lifetimes


When the read has taken youto this point, you may understand why I wrote such an article. Because I was analien being in my previous life and I have brought strong psychic abilities tothis life. I participated in the process of sun-making 3.7 billion years ago,so I know that the explosion went out of control and we had to cast meteoritesinto the Sun and then there was the process of compressing the Sun.


I had also been involved intransporting embryos to the Earth at the end of a cycle, so I know that nuclearexplosions had killed all the people on earth repeatedly many times.


To solve the problem ofnuclear matter on the Earth, I voluntarily stayed behind on the Earth 4600years ago and reincarnated many times, and many of my previous lifetimes werein Japan and China. My most recent previous life was in Japan and my mother wasnamed Horio Chiyo who was born in Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan on April10, 1926, and lived in Tajimi City after marriage. When she got pregnant withme, it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy and I died during surgical removalof her uterus. An alien flying saucer picked up my soul and trained me onboardfor 12 years. Then the flying saucer chose for me a family in Qidong, JiangsuProvince, China in which the husband was an adopted son of Lu Zhiqing who wasinjured by two pieces of radioactive pollutants that were drifted across thesea from Japan after the atomic bombing in 1945 and died. I was born onFebruary 5, 1966, in Qidong, Jiangsu. In 2012, I brought about transmission ofthe message pertaining to the grave consequences of the atomic bombing in Japanon China from the underworld to the human world.


At 10 am on October 22, 1988,I finally met with my Japanese mother Horio Chiyo from the previous life atZhenjiang Medical College in Jiangsu, China. Afterward, my mother kept sendingme Japanese Yen in letters. On May 19, 1990, a legal adoption was completed inJapan and I changed my name to Horio Tadamasa of which the Chinesepronunciation is Kuwei Zhongzheng. Shortly after that, my mother remitted a sumof money of 500,000 Yen to my bank account at the Bank of China in Zhenjiang.On the eve of my graduation, I took out half of that money which was 250,000Yen, and redeposit the other half in the Bank of China in Zhenjiang with thedeposit slips which were numbered 0010252 and 0010253 on June 25, 1990.  I have still kept the two deposit slips tothe present day.


My research into the spiritrealm was funded greatly by my Japanese mother, which had enabled me to researchindependently without having to worry about basic life needs. I have obtained amaster's degree in medicine from the School of Medicine of Jinan University inGuangzhou.


On January 11, 2021, themother of my previous life Horio Chiyo passed away in Japan. Now I havecompleted the registration of her estate under my name.


As you can see, I have twomothers, one being Japanese who are from my previous life and the other beingChinese who's from this life. Both have the zodiac sign of tiger and are 12 yearsapart, and both are powerful mother figures. My Chinese mother is still alive.


16. I can Decipher bothSupernatural Phenomena and Cosmic Events


On November 16, 2021, LosAngeles Chinese Information Network in an article entitled "FrequentMysterious Phenomenon by the South California Sea: The mysterious loud noise inthe early morning terrified nearby residents! Video of a warship being surroundedby 14 UFOs were exposed." reported: At 8:20 am on November 15, 2021, aloud noise was heard in Los Angeles from La Jolla to the coastal areas ofMalibu. Some people said they heard one loud noise and some people said theyheard two loud noises. In the 4192nd case of Lingpai, it's presented that aflying saucer was spinning at high speed over the sea, pressing downward at thesame time and creating a concave-shaped hollow, low in the middle and high allaround. It turned out that the flying saucer was undergoing a test of suddenpower cut-off. When the power was cut off suddenly, the downward pressuredisappeared and the seawater quickly rushed to the center from all directions,and the collision made a loud noise in the middle. This sound was refracted upwardat the same time, and when it hit the flying saucer, it refracted again. If theresidents were close to the flying saucer, the original sound and the soundrefracted by the flying saucer would reach their ears almost at the same timeand only one loud noise would be heard. If the residents were far away from theflying saucer, the original sound would be transmitted to the ears first, andthe sound refracted by the flying saucer would reach the ears moments later,and then two loud noises would be heard. That's why some people said they heardone loud noise while some other people said they heard two loud noises. Bothare correct.


Similarly, on July 9, 2021,it was reported on the Internet that people in a large area of Los Angeles hadfelt their houses shake. It was generally believed that an earthquake hadoccurred, but the seismometer didn't detect it. In the 3737th case of Lingpai,it's presented that a flying saucer was flying horizontally over Los Angeles.It suddenly moved forward at an accelerated speed and then made a sharp turn,making the air in front of it compressed while leaving a vacuum behind. Whenthe compressed air suddenly got expanded rapidly it acted similarly to anexplosion, so the air vibrated in a big way. This matched perfectly with whathad taken place in my house. When the incident happened, my wife was on thesecond floor and she immediately called out an earthquake. I was sitting at thetable in the kitchen on the main floor, feeling nothing. Because the sonic boomoccurred in the sky, the house roof was affected the most, making thesecond-floor shook, while the main floor was not affected, so I didn't feelanything. If it is a single-storied house you would feel the house shake. If itis an earthquake, the first and the second floors will be impacted to the samedegree and you will feel the shake regardless of where you are inside thehouse. Because the seismometer did not detect an earthquake that day, butpeople in a large area had felt the buildings shake, experts said there was asonic boom from an airplane. Since the flying saucer was invisible, and peoplecouldn't imagine that it's from a flying saucer either. scientists could onlythink that an aircraft had caused the sonic boom, but they could not tell whichaircraft had caused it either.


Every time a similar incidentoccurs, the Internet always reports the views of Southern Californiaseismologist Lucy Jones and that of the Cal Tech Seismic Lab. Through Lingpai,I found that their views are quite different from what has actually happened.


It's presented in Lingpaithat flying saucers have had frequent activities over the surface of the Earthin recent years, especially in 2021.


In California, there is aplace called Death Valley where rocks will run by themselves, sometimes 5 or 6meters per second, and strangely they all run in two parallel lines. This isknown as one of the top ten mysteries in the world. This subject matter hasattracted many universities to study, and some of them even installed multipleGPS devices to measure the movement patterns of these stones. In the end, theexperts concluded that it was caused by wind. Can the wind blow away stonesweighing two to three hundred kilograms? and it blows out two parallel linesalways? On February 2, 2016, in the 645th case of Lingpai, it's presented thatthe Death Valley was the cemetery of a large number of Chinese workers who diedduring the construction of the San Francisco railway to southern California.For the modern-day Chinese to remember that they had built the railways, thesouls of these Chinese workers would push the stones to slide on the sand,forming two parallel lines, because railways are always two parallel lines. Themarkings made by these stones represent railways. I can see the big picture clearlyfrom the trans-dimensional perspective of Lingpai.


On December 4, 2021, TheMissing Case of Peng Jiamu was Lingpaied.


I saw a flying saucer doing aroutine flight, raising a wall of dust and debris on the ground, namely, asandstorm.


Onboard the flying saucer wasan alien being who was checking the restoration situation of the ecologicalenvironment.


Suddenly he saw a vehicle anda few people on the ground. Usually, it’s no man's land, and the flying saucerthen moved over and revolved around them, stirring up a huge sandstorm.


The flying saucer suddenlyspotted a camel that had been killed.


Since China established theLop Nur Nuclear Test Base in the late 1950s, there have been regionalvegetation die-off due to nuclear pollution. After flying saucers took away thenuclear matter, the aliens have been watching the ecological restoration ofthat area. A few camels there become an ecological barometer for the aliens. Thehealthy living of the camels indicated that the impact of nuclear pollution wasno longer significant.


Suddenly seeing a camelkilled, the flying saucer turned around and went after the camel killer, PengJiamu, who was hiking across the terrain and looking for water. Being angry athim, the flying saucer spun rapidly, sucking him up into the air and quicklyspewing out a stream of high pressured air, hurtling him 18 meters under thesand. Peng Jiamu was buried deep in the desert sand. This is the 4336th case ofLingpai.


The above-presented detailsare completely consistent with the storyline retrieved from the Internetafterward.


Various nuclear testsincluding the atomic bomb test have been conducted in Lop Nur 45 times. China’sfirst hydrogen bomb exploded there on June 17, 1967. Alien flying saucers oughtto undergo routine flight inspection on anniversaries of that explosion. Theday on which Peng Jiamu went missing was June 17, 1980, so the date coincided.Online articles mentioned that Peng loved hunting. He indeed killed a mothercamel and cut her up for cooking.


People searched for PengJiamu and found that he had gone missing after leaving his last footprint.Where had he gone? Midair of cause, so the footprint abruptly disappeared. Hewas then hurtled into the sand 18 meters underneath by the flying saucer, atthat depth even police dogs could not detect it.


Interested readers can findPeng's teammates at the time and ask them about the situation of the sandstorm.I trust that it will be a good match with what I described because what I seein Lingpai is the actual scenes of the occurrence at the time, which is likewatching a three-dimensional movie. It cannot be wrong. 


Therefore I can decipher anysupernatural phenomenon and cosmic event, regardless of the past, present, andfuture.


The two institutions under myname - American Supernatural and Soulforce Medical Institute and SoulforceMedicine and Education Institute, have solved many supernatural events. Presentme any mysteries and I can solve them all. The more baffling it gets, the moreit attracts me.


17. Lingpai Has DiscoveredThat There's Another Universe Next to Ours


On November 20, 2021, in the4211th case of Lingpai, I found that a meteorite was fast approaching the Earthand the Sun and that, to my surprise, it came from another universe not faraway from ours. Later, several Lingpais were carried out to follow up on themeteorite. The aliens and I have jointly discovered that our universe was born5.7 billion years ago and that the other universe is currently 10.8 and turning10.9 billion years of age. We also found out that the other universe is largerthan ours and the ecliptic plane of the other universe forms an angle of about45 degrees with the ecliptic plane of our universe. In May 2021, our universe(referred to as A) implemented the fourth project of the Sun in which flyingsaucers entered the sun and blew wind outwards while spinning like high-poweredblowers. The high energy rays emitted from the Sun have penetrated the boundaryof our universe and reached the other universe (referred to as B) like neutronbombs. Having been affected by our universe, the other universe triedcontacting us but got no response, so it finally launched a meteorite.


It's presented in Lingpaithat there was a time when other planets in the Milky Way galaxy expanded andthey needed to absorb energy from elsewhere, and as a result, the temperatureof the Earth dropped. This is what's called the Little Ice Age.


The other universe that'sclose to ours had also expanded at one time and sucked away the heat of ouruniverse, the Earth was being affected by it of cause. This is what's calledthe Great Ice Age.


The neighbor universeexpanded once again recently and started to take away the energy of ouruniverse. The aliens in our universe suddenly found that the Sun could notproduce enough heat and there wasn't enough time to replenish hydrogen on theSun either, so in a hurry in May 2021, they started using blowers (flyingsaucers) to blow wind outward from inside of the Sun to first increase thecombustion rate of the existing hydrogen on the Sun and then to add morehydrogen in the future. This is the true nature and operational method of theSun's fourth project.


After several rounds ofconsultations and observation in Lingpai, we have come to an understanding ofthe whole situation, and the description is as follows:


B was expanding and suckingaway A's energy


A suddenly felt that the heatgenerated by the Sun was not enough, so, they rushed to carry out the fourthproject of the Sun. Because there was not enough time to add more hydrogen, Aused high power blowers (flying saucers) to blow wind from inside of the Sunoutwards to improve the combustion efficiency. The Sun started to burneffectively and emit high-energy rays which have gone beyond A’s boundary andreached B like neutron bombs.


B tried contacting A andwanted A to stop firing neutron bombs at them.


 A did not receive any message from B.


B finally launched ameteorite of which orbit was very close to the Earth and the Sun.


A used a flying saucer to hitthe meteorite trying to change its trajectory, but it didn't work.


The scenario of the meteoritepresented in Lingpai and Kuwei Zhongzheng followed up on it.


Kuwei Zhongzheng informed Aabout B's existence and told A that B wanted A's blowers in the sun to stop.


A agreed.


As Kuwei Zhongzheng continuedto probe in Lingpai, it’s revealed that it’s the fact of B's expansion that hadtaken away A's heat, and in turn, that's why A used flying saucers as blowersinside the Sun to increase its heat production.


The two universes reachedmutual understanding on November 24, 2021, in which B agreed to stop itsexpansion immediately and A also agreed to stop their blowers (flying saucers)inside the Sun, and in doing so, to stop the Sun from emitting high powered energyrays of neutron bombs of cause.


During my communications withthe aliens of our universe and the other universe, NASA launched a rocket fromCalifornia, US on the night of November 23, 2021, in an attempt to change themeteorite's trajectory that might hit the Earth. Unbeknownst to NASA, such acelestial body couldn't even be changed by the aliens, let alone theearthlings.


A week later in the 4296thcase of Lingpai, it’s presented that B had decided to move away from A to avoidmutual impact. It’s also shown that B’s Sun is not as bright as A’s Sun, whichmatches what had been acknowledged previously that our Sun was built by aliensand too much hydrogen was added unintentionally during its construction. OnDecember 1, 2021, in the 4298th case of Lingpai, it’s presented that theuniverse that used to be next to ours had moved to a place far far away and ithas nothing to do with us now. During the move, its ecliptic plane has changedfrom a 45-degree angle to that of ours to zero degrees in alignment with ours,and its planets’ elliptical orbits with the sun being the focal point off tothe side have also changed to concentric circular orbits with the sun in themiddle.


As you can see, KuweiZhongzheng has not only realized communication between the Earth people and thealiens but also realized communication between our universe and anotheruniverse. It's a cooperation between the aliens and Kuwei Zhongzheng to jointlybuild the island as well as a small reward from the aliens for KuweiZhongzheng.



18. China's Climate isExpected to Improve as a Whole and The Earth’s 5th Transformation Done byAliens


As we all know, northwestChina is very dry. One of the main reasons is that the Himalayas have blockedthe massive vapor from the Indian Ocean. The windward slope of the Himalayas isthe place with the most precipitation in the world, with annual precipitationexceeding 10,000 mm which is over 10 meters. On the contrary, the landmass ofthe north side of the Himalayas is largely dry and barren.


Some people have conjecturedthat if a breach in the wall of the Himalayan Mountains can be blasted open toallow the massive vapor to flow in, wouldn’t it mean that the climate of theentire Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the entire northwest will change fundamentally?An excellent idea but with limited human power it is extremely difficult, ifnot impossible, to create a pass in the Himalayan Mountain range. However,aliens can do it easily.


In a series of Lingpai fromNo. 4383th to the No. 4397 On December 7, 2021, it’s presented that the severedryness in air and land on the north side of the Himalayas will be improvedenormously after the aliens made a breach in the mountain wall, as massivevapor on the south side will pour in continuously to the north side, greatlyincreasing moisture in air and land. The large area of land will becomesuitable for grain production and combine harvesters, which will make China amajor grain producer in the world. The moisture can reach directly as far asMongolia.


The move of part of theHimalayan Mountains serves the aliens the purpose of proving their existence tothe people on earth, and then to inform the earthlings that they will removeall the nuclear matter from this planet. On the other hand, the move of part ofthe Himalayan Mountains to the South Pacific Ocean to build the ET Base Islandnot only increases oceanic landmass but also create more suitable livingconditions both for the area where the mountains used to stand and the regionnorth of the mountains as the massive vapor from the Indian Ocean willcontinuously pour in. The passage of the breach created will also make airplaneflights much safer.


Over the past few decades,sandstorms that originated in northwest China have become increasingly severe,and they have approached Beijing. Most people do not know the in-depth reason.


In the earlier section ofthis paper, I introduced the 4336th case of Lingpai - the mystery of themissing case of Peng Jiamu. It brought to my awareness that sandstorms arerelated to the frequent flight activities of flying saucers, which are furtherrelated to the removal of nuclear matter by aliens after the nuclear tests inthe Lop Nur.


LopNur had an area of ​​more than 10,000 square kilometers inancient times. When surveyed in 1958, Lop Nur was still the largest lake inChina, with an area of ​​5,350 square kilometers. After the nuclearmatter was brought in, Lop Nur dried up in 1962, and all vegetations died off.From then on it was called the "Sea of ​​Death". The severityof nuclear pollution is drastically evident. Who has gotten destroyed by the atomicbombs and the hydrogen bombs? No one else but oneself.


One aspect of obtaining anoptimal climate is to let the sandstorms disappear. In other words, as long asnuclear tests continue the overall climate will not improve completely.Therefore, it is imperative to remove all nuclear matter from the Earth.


From the Lingpai’sperspective into the future, after the move of part of the Himalayas to theSouth Pacific Ocean to build the ET Base island, suitable living conditionswill be created both at the new island and the original place where themountains used to be. Adding that the overall climate will considerably improveas a whole, the Earth will be capable of housing a larger population. WhenMankind does not strive to protect the Earth and make it a better place to livebut instead goes after emigrating to or colonizing Mars, it’s nothing butimpractical fantasy and escapism. The air, water, and temperature on Mars areall unsuitable for human habitation. The key point is that no food can be grownthere. How can you survive on Mars? Not to mention that the Martians do notwelcome invasion of others. Therefore, the idea of emigration to Mars is amisleading fanfare to a large extend.


It can be seen that the jointeffort between the aliens and myself is underway to carry out the fifthtransformation of planet Earth. We plan to move more high mountains to the seato build islands. At the same time, the diameter of the Earth will be enlargedat the equator, while the pole-to-pole diameter will remain unchanged. Thus,the Earth will become an ellipsoid, with more space for habitation near theequator. The north and the south poles are not suitable for human habitation,and the areas there will remain the same. (the 4274th case of Lingnpai)

On December 19,2011, in the 4600th case of Lingpai, I consulted the aliens what if afterseeing the creation of the ET Base Island in the South Pacific Ocean with partstaken from the Himalayas the Earth people finally believe the existence ofaliens but still hesitate on the nuclear matter and take no action to removeit?  I proposed that we publicize in advance the making of a second moonand the removal of nuclear matter shortly after the moon project getscompleted. Why is this? Because it will not be possible for all people to seethe island with their own eyes, but the second moon can be seen by anybody aslong as the person is not blind. Of course, before the aliens build a secondmoon, it is necessary to publicize the event to the Earth people in advance,that is, to equate the removal of nuclear matter with the creation of thesecond moon. At the same time, it’s also important to let the Earth people knowwe shall not land on the moon and mine on the moon. I already put forward thisproposal in the Lingpai, and I am waiting for a response from the InterstellarAlliance.

May the treasure of Lingpaiplay a greater role in the 5th transformation of planet Earth, now and into thefuture. 


19. About The SanxingduiHistoric Site

 On March 21, 2021, I lookedinto the Sanxingdui Historic Site in Lingpai.

 Aliens often come to theEarth to test the concentration of nuclear matter.

 One day, a group of aliens intheir flying saucers were conducting tests on the concentration of nuclearmatter on the Earth’s surface. When they were about to leave, they saw a largehole dug in the ground, so the aliens decided to test the concentration ofnuclear matter underground in the pit, and one flying saucer took the lead intesting the excavated site.

 In that particular vessel,there were eight aliens onboard, one pilot, and seven others that conducted thetesting. Because the concentration of nuclear matter on the Earth is muchhigher than that of other planets, aliens must wear protective metal masksbefore opening the cabin door on their flying saucer. Just like the X-rayexamination in hospitals, a patient’s front that is exposed to the radiationsource need to be covered by a protective metal shield; the aliens also used akind of protective metal shield with only the frontal half, being shaped in away that's fit nicely to the curvature of their body. For better protection,the shields were higher than their body heights. The flying saucer circled theexcavated site and did numerous rounds of tests. The data obtained showed thatthe concentration of nuclear matter deep in the ground was higher than that onthe surface. That was an unexpected finding for the aliens, and other flyingsaucers on the mission also joined in for the testing.

 After the test was done andthe mission was completed, those protective masks were no longer needed, so thealiens threw the gears out of their flying saucer as souvenirs for the peoplebelow, and many of the souvenirs landed in the open tomb. Other flying saucersalso joined this one throwing down the things they had on board as souvenirsfor the people on earth. This is the same as President Trump giving out pens tothose who attended a signing ceremony as souvenirs after signing a momentouspresidential decree. For this purpose, President Trump would particularlyprepare more pens to give out.

 The tomb workers saw so manybizarre things fall from the sky, and they all got down on their knees,thinking that it was a gift from the heavens, and they stored all the objectsin the tomb.

Although the people could notsee the flying saucers, they could see the objects dropped from thosespaceships.

 Many items got damaged due tobeing dropped from a high altitude. Therefore, many artifacts were foundcracked or broken into pieces in the Sanxingdui. Because those masks belongedto the aliens, the look of the masks was not like the locals in Sichuan, China,and it is also different from the people in any other place on earth.

 Reasonably, those masks provethat the concentration of nuclear matter and radiation pollution on the Earthis very high. Even for the aliens, being isolated in their flying saucers, theystill must wear the protective masks and shields that were shaped and fit forthe frontal half of their body and taller than their entire body height.

 The tomb owner was from aprominent family, so the scale of the excavation was quite large. Ivory was thecurrency at that time, so the owner stocked a lot of ivory in the tomb.

 All objects that fell fromthe sky got collected into the tomb. Afterward, the people in charge hadadditional items made to record this magical event, and all the additionalrelated objects went into the tomb as well. This is the 3299th case of Lingpai.

 In the early am of May 3,2021, I felt a dull heaviness in my head and severe pain in my right wrist, sothe 3407th and 3408th cases of Lingpai were conducted, and more information on theSanxingdui was revealed. The dull heaviness in my head was an indication thatthe Chinese archaeologists were afraid to express their views due to politicalfactors, and they were unable to figure out the ideas of their supreme leaders.The pain in my right wrist indicated that the Chinese archaeologists who wereusing small shovels carefully in their digging had their wrists clamped andtheir hands froze due to the influence of politics.

 On the first day of the year2022, the first case of Lingpai was once again on the Sanxingdui. Whatpresented to me was a mask artifact with two odd bars protruding at a wideangle outward from the eyes and two large ears sticking out. That was one ofthe souvenirs made by the aliens and got thrown out from one of the flyingsaucers. The eyes with long bars indicate a further and deeper vision, and theoutward protrusion at a wide angle indicates a wider perspective. That artifactwas a representation of the aliens' intention to explore the unknown planets -to extend their vision and expand their perspective.

Because this artifact wasdropped from a flying saucer high above in the sky, it has had cracks on itsface.

 Items like these are regulargifts that the aliens leave to the expedition site after their mission getscompleted. So why are there cracks appearing on the regular gifts? Because thetest was originally meant for the nuclear matter concentration on the Earth'ssurface, and they accidentally tested it underground. When the souvenirs gotdropped from the flying saucers, it exceeded the height they expected. As aresult, many of the items cracked.

 Chinese archaeologistsbelieve that the Sanxingdui was a worshiping site or sacrificial site insteadof a burial site because many objects unearthed look like they were forworshiping purposes. That is not a worshiping site, but indeed a tomb. Theivory found in the pit hundred percent belonged to funeral supplies. Becausethe aliens dropped so many items, the tomb owner later had additional objectsmade based on the items that fell from the sky, which had made the pit lookmore like a worshiping site. Three categories of artifacts went into the tomb – items that fell from the sky, special reproductionsthat were meant to record this magical event, and items prepared for burial inadvance. Chinese archaeologists mistakenly thought this was a worshiping siteor sacrificial site, but in fact, it was a tomb of somebody from a prominentfamily.

Lingpai looks at the archivesdirectly in the spirit world from high dimensions, so there is no need to go tothe field physically and it makes no mistakes.

 As you can find, the abovedescription on the Sanxingdui is consistent with aliens’ long-term monitoringactivities on the concentration of nuclear matter on earth and consistent withthe removal of all nuclear matter on this planet that is going on at present.